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Belt repair presses – sliding frame

  • Pressure framemade of high-alloy aluminum
  • Robust and suitable for repairing higher grade steel cord belt
  • Designed for pressure forces 6 kg/cm2to9 kg/cm2
  • For repairs from the edge of the belt up to the center of the belt
  • Available for any beltwidth
  • Pressure build-up by means of hydraulic light metal cylinders and high-pressure pump (manual or electric)
  • The heating platen and hydraulic cylinder can be custom placed for any horizontal or vertical type of slit repair with the handle mounted on the cylinder
  • Built in protection against hose breakage – the hydraulic pressure is maintained in the event of hose breakage and sudden drop of pressure
  • Heating platen made of high-quality corrosion- resistant aluminium alloy
  • A minimum size of 300 x 300 mm is available for spot repairs
  • Available for longitudinal repairs in any required length up to 3000 mm and width from 500 mm
  • Multiple of 3000 mm unit can be arranged in series for longer repair
  • Specially developed heating systems and profile reinforcements guarantee optimum pressure and temperature distribution
  • Available with either air or water cooling
  • Robust and flush final electrical connections to ensure safe operation
  • Electrical control panel comes with electronic controls with digital display of set point and actual temperatures