Conveyor Pulley

Conveyor Pulley

Conveyor Pulleys for applications such as SteepAngle Conveyor, Pipe Conveyor, and Long Distance Conveyor are available from Synergy and have been delivered extensively to Steel Plants, Cement Plants and Power plants.

Types of Pulley Manufactured

1. Drive Pulley

2. Head Pulley

3. Return Pulley

4. Tail Pulley

5. Take up Pulley

6. Snub Pulley

7. Bend Pulley

8. Deflector Pulley

9. Beater Pulley

These Pulleys come generally with Lagging (Ceramic or Rubber) as per client’s preference. Range of Pulleys Manufactured.

Parameters Range

Shell Diameter 193.7 mm - 1600 mm

Face Width 300 mm - 2200 mm

Shaft Diameter 45 mm – 400 mm

Shell Thickness 6 mm – 28 mm