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  • Portableand light weight cross beam profile
  • Conventional, robust heating plates combined with hydraulic pressure systems allow splicing even on partially worn belts
  • Heating plate with air or water cooling
  • Exact temperature regulation via an electronic control panel
  • Easier and faster pressure build up by changing Hydraulic hand pump or Motorized power pack unit
  • Designed for up to 2400 mm belt width

Heating plates

  • Heating plates of frame-type construction, made of a highquality corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy
  • Shape: rhombic 16.7°; 22°, rectangular 90°
  • Optionally available with air and/or water cooling
  • Robust, flush fitting electrical connections guarantee safe operation
  • Optimum pressure and temperature distribution
  • Minimum temperature tolerance over the entire heating plate

Cross beams with hydraulic pressure system

  • Special profiles made of high-alloy aluminum
  • Maximum tensile and bending strength with minimum weight
  • Built-in protection against hose breakage, the cross beam pressure being maintained in the event of a hose breakage or a sudden pressure drop
  • Compact high-pressure hydraulic light metal cylinders for even surface pressure


  • Hydraulic Hand Pump or Motorized Power Pack
  • Distributor
  • High-pressure hoses
  • Hydraulic oil (only for Hand Pump)

Hydraulic Hand Pump

  • Pressure limited to 600 bar
  • Oil filling 8 liter
  • Pressure gauge for pressure control

Motorized Power Pack

  • Pressure limited to 600 bar
  • Supplied complete with pressure gauge, hose, coupling and valves
  • 380/400/415 V, 50 Hz *
  • Capacity 1,1 kW

Hose distributor

  • Matches the number of cross beams